Zip Week 2018

June 25th - June 28th, 2018

Don’t let your kids miss out on Zip Week this summer! Your kids will have a blast as they engage in sports, art, games and other fun activities, while discovering more about God’s love and purpose for them. Zip Week is open to kids in pre-k through 6th grade. Register today!

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Summer Camp 2018

July 6th - July 10th, 2018

$0 - $250

Camp is the largest and most incredible weekend of our year! This week is packed with fun, memories, and tremendous times of worship and teaching. This year we are headed to Glorieta, NM for an awesome time together! This is our FIRST TIME ever at this location, so we are so excited about this incredible opportunity. The theme for this year is "I AM", from the story of Moses and the burning bush. The meaning behind this term is that we serve a God who never changes, He is the same God who parted seas, calmed storms, died on the cross, and is alive today! God always does incredible things when we are able to get away from all our distractions and allow ourselves to be open to what He has in store. We hope you will join us for this unforgettable journey!


Glorieta Conference Center

Glorieta Conference Center


Sam Bhatt
Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs, CO

Sam Bhatt

Worship Band



Medical Release forms need to be thoroughly completed as we are traveling across states; you can submit these to Joseph Bradley or through the church office

Any medications need to be turned in to leaders along with the guidelines for when they are needed